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|  Non-permeation wellbore stabilizer TF SEAL F

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Non-permeation wellbore stabilizer TF SEAL F

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  • Release date:2018/01/12
Detailed description

TF Seal F

We developed a new polymer free low invasion product TF Seal F with special surface lipophilic treatment, which can easily disperse in both WBM and OBM without increasing the fluids rheology substantially. Furthermore, the drilling fluids treated with TF Seal F can effectively prevent the fluids loss and formation damage after the strong non-invasion barrier formed around the near wellbore formation.

TF Seal F is prepared by PSD optimized organic material, special fiber and fatty acid derivative as surface treatment agent by such specific composite conditions as a kind of fine size fibrous and granular product. This product has good sealing effect for preventing reservoir/formation from solids/fluids contamination. TF Seal F also can be used for wellbore stability improvement, seepage loss control as well as pipe stuck prevention for different kinds of fluids systems.

Typical Physical Properties




Bromn   /light white Powder

moisture,   %,Max




Density, SG


pH-Value   Diluted solution


Technical features

1)TF Seal F has good sealing effect for preventing reservoir/formation from solids/fluids contamination. And it also can improve the mud cake quality as well as the open hole stability in different mud systems.

2)TF Seal F particles are special surface treated, which are compatible in both water-based and oil-based drilling fluid systems.

3)TF Seal F can be used at the maximum temperature up to 180 °C.

4)It will not affect the rheology without polymer content existed, especially for the high density mud with large amount of solids content.

5)Good performance on seepage loss control while drilling micro fracture or permeable matrix.

Application guideline

1)Add TF Seal F directly into the active mud system while drilling the micro-crack or permeable strata, the recommended concentration is 1.0~3.0% wt. Premix with fresh water (WBM) or base oil (OBM/SBM) is advised if possible, or small amount of fresh water is needed to hydrate the TF Seal F for WBM, while small amount of base oil or oil wet agent is recommended for OBM/SBM.

2)For reservoir damage prevention, TF Seal F can be added into the active mud system while drilling ahead. The recommended concentration is 1.0~2.0% wt based on the sand bed invasion tests.

3)Increase the amount of TF Seal F concentration for treating the seepage loss while drilling, and then use the shakers to remove the TF Seal F after the loss stopped.

4)Use TF Seal F with other LCMs when partial or severe loss occurs, and pilot tests should be done to optimize the slug formulas prior to mixing the slug.

5)Sand bed invasion tests are needed for daily mud report and increase the TF Seal F content to maintain the invasion length within the specification of the mud program.

Package, storage and transportation

TF Seal F is packaged in multi-wall paper bags with polyethylene liner for 25 kg/sack, 25 lbs/sack or as customer required. Bioassay information is not available upon request. Handle as an industrial inert chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described on the transportation and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). It can be transported as normal inert chemicals which should be kept in dry place and the period of validity is 24 months.


Refer to TF Seal F Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete handling and hazard data.

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