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|  Extreme-pressure lubricant TF LUBE WM

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Extreme-pressure lubricant TF LUBE WM

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  • Release date:2018/01/15
Detailed description


The Institute has adopted the international advanced colloidal chemistry, surface chemistry, anti-wear oil chemical synthesis technology, focused on the organic extreme pressure adsorption film and inorganic elastic charge deposition - the advantages of extreme pressure film, in particular the development of this versatile Extreme pressure antiwear agent.

1, super extreme anti-wear effect, in the friction of the surface of the metal drill to form a solid extreme pressure lubricating film, the effective role of the drilling tool to extend the life of the drill to reduce the number of drill down, reduce drill pipe torque, Drilling speed, effectively reduce the wear on the drill pipe and drill bit, greatly improve the drilling efficiency;

2, the use of this product can effectively overcome the shortcomings of ordinary lubricants lubrication. This product can be upgraded lubricant formulations;

3, under high load conditions, extreme pressure anti-wear performance is more excellent, extreme pressure lubricating film is more solid;

4, add the agent of the drilling lubricant, friction metal surface becomes more smooth, effectively reduce the possibility of differential pressure card drill. Especially in irregular boreways and inclined wells and directional wells, can reduce the wear of drill pipe and drill collar;

5, very low use of concentration, high extreme pressure lubrication effect.      

Typical Physical Properties




Light brown liquid




Slight odor

Maximum no card bite load (1% added

 in base oil)



The drilling fluid oil extreme pressure agent for the drilling operation of the mud lubricant, drilling lubricants efficient extreme pressure antiwear agent;

Drilling fluid Oily extreme pressure agent is particularly suitable for drilling tools in extreme pressure under the mud lubricant fluid extreme pressure antiwear agent;

Drilling fluid Oily extreme pressure agent is widely used in oil and gas field development drilling operations, inclined wells, directional wells have special effects.


1, concentrated liquid system, the recommended amount of 0.5% - 10%;

2, before mixing the goods to slow mixing, full mixing way to join the system.

3, the use of the drilling fluid oil extreme pressure agent, add the higher the concentration, the stronger the function.


1, due to the diversification of the original lubrication system formula, it is recommended to use a small test before use to determine the extreme pressure anti-wear agent and the system compatibility, compatibility and stability.

2, room temperature and dry place sealed storage, away from the fire storage, strictly prohibited food

Packaging and storage

TF LUBE WM with 200L high-density blue polyethylene bucket packaging; can also be based on customer specific requirements for packaging. The biometric information of the product is not required, please refer to the product safety instructions (MSDS) described on the protective facilities and other considerations. Transport should be light, clean, to avoid damage caused by severe impact; stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place, to avoid sun exposure; in the provisions of storage conditions, the shelf life of 24 months.

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