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2017 Oil Production Engineering New technologies and new technologies for oilfield chemicals will be released here!

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2017 is a year of intense implementation of the overall arrangement for the reform of China's oil and gas constitution. The world economy has witnessed ups and downs in the depth adjustment. The global power format is undergoing profound changes. The demand and supply of kerosene at home and abroad are generally relaxed and stable. Under the new economic normal, accelerating the transformation of power generation and spending methods, thoroughly deepening institutional reform and actively involving in the "One Belt and One Road" initiative have become the opportunities for the intense strategic plan that the kerosene industry in our country is facing.

In order to enhance China's oil and gas exploration and development, ensure the supply of domestic capital, emphasize onshore and offshore, enhance basic investigation and capital appraisal, increase the risk investigation of new and new strata, and tap the potentials of potential exploration and exploration in key areas in the old areas, consolidate the domestic base of kerosene capital . Rugged old oil fields, open up new oil fields, accelerate the development of offshore oil fields, and vigorously support the development of low-grade capital. Oilfield chemicals

At the same time, in order to improve the degree of research on oilfield chemicals in our country, we are actively developing advanced oil production techniques, improving crude oil recovery rate and completing the increase of domestic kerosene. The seminar on kerosene and petrochemical engineering in China is scheduled to be held on June 9-11, 2017 in Xinxiang, the "2017 New Skill Seminar for Chemical Utilization and Production Engineering of World Oilfield".

What are the hot topics at the conference?油田化学品

1. Thirteen Five Era Oilfield chemicals new products, new technology, new skills development trend;

2 oil chemical research and utilization skills;

3. drilling technology and chemicals research and utilization skills;

4. cementing technology and cement additive research and utilization skills;

5. Oilfield water treatment agent research and utilization skills;

6. Oilfield analysis of chemical analysis methods and standardization system of research and utilization skills;

7. Oilfield with materials, intermediates, new equipment development, decomposition, function, use and market development to declare;

8. Discussion and utilization of endogenous microbial flooding techniques in reservoirs after water flooding / flooding;

9. Oily sludge / sewage treatment equipment skills;

10. Polymer flooding tips; nano-smart flooding tips;

11. New environmentally-friendly high-performance water-based drilling fluid skills;

12. Shale gas fracturing slip research and utilization.

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