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Research Progress of Modern Oilfield Chemicals

Release date:2017-12-22 Author:天福化学 Hits:

At present, China has conducted in-depth research and work on corrosion inhibitors and fungicides, developed reactive products of diamines or polyamines with fatty acids, adducts of aliphatic amines and unsaturated fatty acids, cyclic quaternary ammonium compounds and the like Is a corrosion inhibitor achievements, and now, we are also adding to the traditional corrosion inhibitor. In the fungicide, we will bactericidal activity were loaded to some of the polymer materials, such fungicides high activity, sterilization speed, and more bad security. Our current development direction is to develop and research towards more environmental protection and greening. Oilfield chemicals

We also use the synergies and synergies between chemicals to develop a number of chemical products that are all innovations in chemicals that help to reduce the amount of chemicals used, are more eco-friendly, and cost-effectively Also lower. And our Promise polymer also continues to evolve and develop, the use of inorganic materials, and through special means to deal with later, combined with the organic monomer copolymerization, but also become the development trend of our solid chemicals. This will not only ensure that the chemicals have the ability to resist temperature and salt, but also reduce the cost, providing a good model and foundation for the new treatment agent.


 In addition, I sleep on the wax, paraffin on the continuous improvement, we use the natural polymer materials, and constantly develop non-toxic, harmless, low cost of the new polymer paraffin, which is through the molecular Change the molecular chain, prompting the polymer reaction, combined into different structural types of polymers, thereby reducing our choice of crude oil, improve the characteristics of crude oil and improve the efficiency of anti-wax. At the same time, we are also developing oil-in-water emulsion emulsions based on a combination of oil-based and water-based waxes that exert a strong anti-wax property and reduce the volatility of solvents. These studies And development not only reduces costs, increases efficiency, but also contributes to environmental protection.

 In view of the current research progress in our country, we will gradually realize new modern oilfield chemicals with high efficiency, energy saving, high quality assurance and low pollution so as to continuously adapt to well drilling, high temperature wells, low permeability wells, high twist wells, offshore oilfields, etc. Some oil fields, such as the difficulties in oil exploration and the development of idle fields, continue to pay attention to and utilize advanced foreign technologies and study more on field practice and exploitation. Our country's development direction and research results are new types of chemicals that possess these conditions

There are still a few types of modern oilfield chemicals currently used in our country. The technology of oilfield chemicals is relatively backward. Compared with other developed countries, the output and the amount of exploitation are still relatively small, and the cost is still relatively high. Therefore, we must continue to research and development of chemical agents, and constantly promote the development and utilization of oilfield chemicals, which can improve China's oil exploration efficiency and enhance the efficiency of crude oil to reduce the cost of oil exploration in our country, and more green, For our country's industrial development has a promoting role, is to promote China's economic development requirements.

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